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  Achieve single backup of MySQL by innobackupex
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      

Achieve single backup of MySQL by innobackupex


OS: CentOS 6.6 32bit


Official website: https: //www.percona.com/

Official Download: https: //www.percona.com/downloads/XtraBackup/LATEST/


# Start Backup
innobackupex --password = RedHat --databases = db1 / backup /
# Note: redhat is my MySQL root password, db1 is the database I want to back up, / backup / directory to store my backup (created in advance).
# Analog Recovery
# Out of service
service mysqld stop
# Clear the data directory (Note: / wwwroot / mysql / my data directory)
rm -rf / wwwroot / mysql / *
# Prepare to enter the stage
innobackupex --apply-log / backup / 2015-11-07_15-12-34 /
# Enter the recovery phase
innobackupex --copy-back / backup / 2015-11-07_15-12-34 /
# Initialize the database by mysql_install_db
cd / usr / local / webserver / mysql /
./scripts/mysql_install_db --user = mysql --datadir = / wwwroot / mysql /
# Authorization
chown -R mysql: mysql / wwwroot / mysql /
# Start Service
service mysqld start
# Initialize the root password (Note: redhat is my password)
mysqladmin -uroot password redhat

Through the above steps can be completed in one database backup, but I did not feel anything, because you want to back up or share the data source, that file is the biggest, so it was not as direct a full backup.
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