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  Additional SQL Server 5123 database reported error
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Recent home computers from WIN7 upgraded to WIN10. After installing the software and commonly used SQL SERVER, some additional test database

figure-1: Use SSMS additional database file error

Try to use the script, while being given:

figure-2: Additional database files using SQL script error

Tips from the wrong point of view, it is estimated to insufficient permissions operated by a user for file access. But whether you use windows authentication login or sa login, all reported the same mistake. Strange, their computers are using administrator privileges. Go check the database file permissions, found that:

figure-3: security attributes of the database file

Not even administrators do not have read access to this file! Click the "Advanced" option:

figure-4: security attributes of the database file - Advanced

Then I have the impression, it should be the owner of the file before another user is the administrator (you must specify a user WIN10 install), I got used to using the administrator user, after installing I delete a user created during installation , and instead use the administrator. So the owner of the file is amended as administrator, and Sql Server Configuration Manager to modify the startup user:

figuer-5: Sql Server Configuration Manager-Log On

Then restart the instance, using windows authentication to attach the database, a success. Sa retest using additional databases, but also successful. Although the problem is solved, but for SQL SERVER, it depends on the security configuration on windows security permissions great program that he is not very skilled and thorough understanding in this regard
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