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  By way of a binary installation innobackupex
  Add Date : 2017-04-13      

By way of a binary installation innobackupex


OS: CentOS 6.6 32bit


Official website: https: //www.percona.com/

Official Download: https: //www.percona.com/downloads/XtraBackup/LATEST/

Open the Web page, some children's shoes might ask: "You're not going to teach us to install innobackupex it is given a link to download XtraBackup, which will lead to trouble??" Yes, I did give wrong, you did wrong, because the fact is XtraBackup innobackupex package, it is more powerful than XtraBackup, because it not only can back up InnoDB tables, you can also back up MyISAM tables.

About XtraBackup installation, there are actually three ways. The first is by way of RPM packages installed, the advantage is relatively small file to be downloaded, the installation is also very convenient; the second is through the source code installed, the advantage is not affected by the architecture of the platform, whether you are 32-bit or 64-bit, you can simply download a source package, the drawback is time-consuming and difficult to install, and more dependent on software; third is via a binary install, this is the easiest way, the user simply to the official website to download the corresponding version of the binary system package, and then decompressed on the server, the corresponding files are copied to the corresponding directory can be recommended for newbies.

This paper describes only via binary install, first download the official opening address given above, then press the map instructions.

After downloading the put upload files to the server (of course, you can also download the wget directly on the server).


# Unzip

tar xzf percona-xtrabackup-2.3.2-Linux-i686.tar.gz

# Extract out into the directory

cd percona-xtrabackup-2.3.2-Linux-i686 /

# Copy xtrabackup commands and command innobackupex bin directory to / usr / bin / directory

cp bin / {xtrabackup, innobackupex} / usr / bin /

# Corresponding man copy the file to a directory of man

cp man / man1 / {xtrabackup.1, innobackupex.1} / usr / share / man / man1 /

Through the above steps to complete innobackupex installed, it is not very simple?
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