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  cursor_sharing induced error ORA-00600
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Host: IBM S85
Main hardware: 6 CPU + 8GB memory
System: AIX5.2
Patch: ML04
Database: Oracle
Middleware: BEA Tuxedo 8.1
The system belongs to a new class oltp financial system, on-line performance before the stress tests show good results in the future on the line really good performance, but the log file every 10 minutes, it reported:
ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [736], [7], [0], [128], [128], [], [], []
At this critical juncture encounter bug, nnd on a really bad word.
And the company's customers regard the pressure as flash floods as flooded over, I explained that one side is normal, no fuss, while quickly gather information.

A hotel with a bad telephone line is still very unstable, and no place to vent one's anger.
Find something crazy, and soon I know the problem is because of their smart aleck, it had to raise domestic applications generally do not use bind variables problems caused by adding a parameter:

cursor_sharing = force
I used to use this argument are relatively normal, but thought that the oracle version is relatively high that more at ease, but why is this result can not be estimated to an update / insert statements triggered this bug. nnd

This application really a puzzle to me, trying to help it improve the efficiency point with the help of a given variable, the results do not appreciate to give me a ora600. . . . . .
I quickly put under pressure cursor_sharing = force commented by default cursor_sharing = exact

To solve the problem finally. But can not be reconciled, carefully rolled 9i document recommended cursor_sharing = similar

Haha, which under the best of both worlds, most of sql are used bind variables, ora-600 error is no longer reported.
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