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  EXP-00091 Error resolved
  Add Date : 2017-08-31      
  EXP using the tool for export database, may encounter a more common error EXP-00091: Exporting questionable statistics. The cause of the error is that the character set of the operating system does not match the character set of the database. You can resolve the error by resetting the character set of the operating system.

First look at the current database character set:

SQL> select userenv ( 'language') from dual;


-------------------------------------------------- -


Or you can get this information from the DATABASE_PROPERTIES view:

SQL> select property_name, property_value from database_properties where property_name like '% CHARACTERSET%';


------------------------------ -------------------- ----------



Or you can get this information through the NLS_DATABASE_PARAMETERS view:

SQL> select parameter, value from NLS_DATABASE_PARAMETERS where parameter like '% CHARACTERSET%';


------------------------------ -------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------



Set the characters for the current operating system session:


$ Echo $ NLS_LANG


EXP-00091 to this be resolved. A detailed description of this error is also available in article ID 730106.1 on METALINK.
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