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  How to allow users to access only a specific database (MSSQL)
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      

There are instances of SQL Server on the customer's multi-vendor databases, each carried by a respective plant maintenance providers, in order to define different manufacturers maintenance personnel can only access your database, it is required to define the respective manufacturers permission to let them login SQL Server can only see authorized database and other databases can not see.


1. Give a different vendors to create different login name (as a vendor with an example)

2. The login name is added to the public server role, and then click OK

dbowner 3. authorized database to be assigned to the user

Use [xjcs]
EXEC dbo.sp_changedbowner N'provider1 '
This time with 'provider1' log in SQL Server, you see only the specified user database (except the system database)


I want to set before the user login map in the first two steps to achieve this requirement, the following figure, but to no avail, log in to SQL Server database users still can not see
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