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  How to statistical data of various size Redis
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  If MySQL database is relatively large, we can easily find out what the space occupied by the table; but if Redis memory is relatively large, we are not easy to find out what (kind of) the space occupied by the key.

There are tools to provide the necessary assistance, such as redis-rdb-tools can analyze RDB file to generate a report, but it can not be a hundred percent to achieve my needs, but I do not want it on the basis of secondary development. In fact the development of a special tool is very simple, use SCAN and DEBUG commands, did not realize how many lines of code:

< ? Php

$ Patterns = array (
    'Foo:. +',
    'Bar:. +',

$ Redis = new Redis ();
$ Redis-> setOption (Redis :: OPT_SCAN, Redis :: SCAN_RETRY);

$ Result = array_fill_keys ($ patterns, 0);

while ($ keys = $ redis-> scan ($ it, $ match = '*', $ count = 1000)) {
    foreach ($ keys as $ key) {
        foreach ($ patterns as $ pattern) {
            if (preg_match ( "/ ^ {$ pattern} $ /", $ key)) {
                if ($ v = $ redis-> debug ($ key)) {
                    $ Result [$ pattern] + = $ v [ 'serializedlength'];


var_dump ($ result);

Of course, the premise is that you may need to summarize the key patterns in advance, but simple approach is not rigorous MONITOR:

shell> / path / to / redis-cli monitor |
       awk -F ' "' '$ 2 ~" ADD | SET | STORE | PUSH "{print $ 4}'
In addition, note that: because DEBUG returned serializedlength length serialized, so the value of the final calculation is less than the actual memory footprint, but taking into account the relative size of the reference is still significant.
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