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  jdbc Oracle database connection string writing pluggable
  Add Date : 2016-04-14      
  When I deploy a third-party database system on the server, database server version is Oracle 12c. I used a new approach is one example. Access to normal.

Later, I told the person in charge of the project, Oracle 12C supports so-called pluggable database. Pluggable? What is a ghost? I immediately online searching, to find it, really drawn into the shape of a database U-disk. Wow! Really pluggable Yeah! Tall on! I like you yo.

However, the so-called pluggable, not that the next instance of the database, a database it hanging? SQL SERVER seems to have already been made, but never seen it boasted what removable. Oracle relational database is not known what the boss?

Officials said, more than one instance too resource, and to pluggable. So I built a database from an instance of lead into an instance where (ORACLE should cover this instance the container database called it ...)

Thus, a system failure could have a normal visit.

The system configuration file I change to change to, and finally found a connection string of jdbc problem.

If the traditional style, the database deployed in the example, the connection string should Jiangzi write:

jdbc: oracle: thin: @ 1521: SSO

(Hypothetical example called SSO)

If the so-called pluggable database, the database name PDBSSO, the connection string should Jiangzi:

jdbc: oracle: thin: @ 1521 / SSO

Pluggable, plug plug pull, kept inserted into the pull, huh

In addition, tomcat, the configuration file if it has a Chinese character annotation, best removed. Otherwise, it can sometimes cause an error.
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