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  MariaDB phpMyAdmin installation and configuration issues to resolve under CentOS7
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Linux novice. The problem until now finally decided to solve, with an afternoon plus minus one night to go to the cinema to see a movie and dinner time. Still quite a long time.

First talk about, in CentOS7 under with yum install mysql have become mariaDB, the beginning I was afraid phpmyadmin not support maria, later a search online is supported.

Well ado, the first is to install php, apache server (httpd) and phpmyadmin, because this is relatively simple thing.

So at this point in time I am now, yum install php-out version 5.4. This can later be installed via rpm -qa | grep php view.

And at this point in time I, the latest version of phpmyadmin need php5.5 + version, and thus, to download a little bit of the old version. This has its official website.

After httpd installation, configuration files are /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf, but not the Internet, said the root / var / www / but / var / www / html /, it is good to download and unzip over phpmyadmin folder put in here, and then change the name of a convenient easy to access. I hereby folder name to phpmyadmin. Then execute service httpd start. You are not that good can access the phpmyadmin?

Of course, do not have access, you will be prompted 403forbidden, this time, just going to say modify the configuration file, you will see

< Directory />
    AllowOverride none
    Require all denied
< / Directory>


< Directory />
    AllowOverride none
    Order allow, deny
    Allow from all
< / Directory>

Then save and exit and restart the service httpd restart. Then open the browser localhost / phpmyadmin, if you find you have selinux interference, you execute sentenforce 0 enough.

Of course, there you may be prompted to lack mbstring. This only needs yum install php-mbstring enough.

Then come to talk about mariaDB, first by yum install mysql, rather than automatically installed mariaDB mysql.

After installed, try service mariadb start like no matter, in fact, the command should be centOS7 systemctl start mariadb.service. Then you find it is still not open up?

Okay, you should check under your mariaDB have no means complete, rpm -qa | grep mariadb look. I was actually just installed two packages poor, in fact, need to install 8 packages:


The version number with your installed version change. If you find that not installed, you're one by one yum install it. . . (In fact, I personally feel that is not the test can not install, but seems to have a complete database of test)

Well loaded again systemctl start mariadb.service, you'll find out why or not!

In fact, there is no designated storage location and the name of the database you, execute the command: mysql_install_db --datadir = "/ var / lib / mysql" --user = "mysql"

After finally seems to specify it. But the first time you do not forget to set a root password: mysqladmin -u root password '1234'

It erupted is really done. You can just set root and the password phpmyadmin. Fully completed.

 See mariadb operating status can systemctl status mariadb.service
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