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  MongoDB configuration in Ubuntu 14.04
  Add Date : 2017-08-31      
  I'm on a virtual machine VirtualBox installed Ubuntu 14.04, then encountered an error when deploying MongoDB.


System: Ubuntu (amd64 server version) on VirtualBox, memory 256MB, dual-core CPU.
Hard disk: 8GB ext4 file system (.vdi), has spent 64.5%
Internet connection is available, the software has been updated source

Mongo-server installation

$ Sudo apt-get install mongodb-server

After that, the service can not start MongoDB

$ Sudo service mongodb start #why error?

Restart the virtual machine more than once, delete the profile and reload mongo-server repeatedly

$ Sudo apt-get remove -purge mongodb-server

$ Sudo apt-get install mongodb-server



View profile /etc/mongodb.conf, according to which the information traced to several directories, suspicious items are being given:

Space is not enough, suggesting the use of parameters --smallfiles
Log directory enough authority, denied access
Adjust up is still relatively cumbersome.

Try to manually start the process mongod, newspaper space and permissions error

$ Mongod -f /etc/mongodb.conf # permission error

$ Sudo mongod -f /etc/mongodb.conf # lack of space

Checked the / etc / group and / etc / passwd, has MongoDB related items, it indicates the MongoDB account has been created.

trade off:

Directly modify the default log directory and file permissions data may still be a problem. I do not want to tangle on the directory permissions hierarchy. The / etc / passwd know, MongoDB home in / home / mongodb.


Establish MongoDB home, and give it property

$ Sudo mkdir -p / home / mongodb

$ Sudo chown mongodb: mongodb / home / mongodb

Adjust the configuration file, point to the home, with parameters

$ Sudo vim /etc/mongodb.conf


dbpath = / home / mongodb

logpath = / home / mongodb / mongo.log

smallfiles = true


Reboot again. After drying this adjustment, we have been able to properly maintain MongoDB service

$ Sudo service mongodb [start | restart | status]
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