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  MongoDB replication instance
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  MongoDB is a master-slave replication master can be more than they can be mainly from the master-slave replication. Here is a realization of a master server using a database from one server arbitration by providing a different port.

one. Start a MongoDB service name application, port 1234

./mongod --replSet application --dbpath data / node1 --port 1234 --oplogSize 1024

Described the successful launch.
two. Open Client
./mongo --port 1234

three. Start node2, node3
./mongod --replSet application --dbpath data / node2 - port 1235 --oplogSize 1024

./mongod --replSet application --dbpath data / node3 - port 1236 --oplogSize 1024

four. Start the client port 1234
./mongo --port 1234
Fives. Configuration copies
config = {_ id: "application", members: []}
config.members.push ({_ id: 0, host: "localhost: 1234"})
config.members.push ({_ id: 1, host: "localhost: 1235"})
config.members.push ({_ id: 2, host: "localhost: 1236", arbiterOnly: true})

Back 1 Description added successfully
six. rs.isMaster ()

Seven. Master-slave replication test whether
1. In the main server to add a record
1.1 use test
db.user.insert ({_ id: 1, name: "maybo"})

1.2 Open from the service client
./mongo --port 1235

1.3 Queries
use test
db.user.find ( "{})

SlaveOk = false discovery need to be clear from the current node node
1.4 rs.slaveOk ()
show collections

Master-slave replication has been successful, but the main one minute from the time required to copy.
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