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  MongoDB upgrade to 2.6
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Upgrade MongoDB ready

1. Connect 2.6 mongo shell auxiliary member of the replica set to 2.4, the Executive db.upgradeCheckAllDBs in admin Library ().

2. Assessment upgrade to 2.6 application compatibility issues, refer to: http: //docs.mongodb.org/manual/release-notes/2.6-compatibility/

Single instance upgrade

1. Close mongod instance, replaced with 2.6 mongod binary file, and restart the instance.

Replica set upgrades

1. Upgrade the secondary replica set members.

In turn upgrade each of the auxiliary members.

By closing mongod instance, and replaced with 2.6 mongod 2.4 binaries binary mode, and then restart the instance.

By rs.status () after checking member state, waiting state to restore the SECONDARY state instance, the next upgrade an auxiliary member.

2. Downgrade the main members of the replica set.

Use rs.stepDown () to force the primary database failover.

3. Upgrade the primary member.

Confirm rs.status () as degraded state of the main library, and a member of the main members of the upgrade.

Close origin member instance, replaced with 2.6 mongod binary file, and restart the instance.

Driver Update

C # /. NET driver version to upgrade to 1.9 or more.


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