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  MySQL 5.6 database code changes
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Today garbled on the test environment, but the same program in a formal environment (Ali cloud) no distortion. I checked the mysql coding found coded test environment is not all utf8. It needs to be mysql encoding are set to utf8.

Solutions are as follows:

1, the mysql installation directory my-default.ini copy, rename my.ini (because mysql5.6 no my.ini file)

2, add the following content my.ini, red box is a modified part:

port = 3306
default-character-set = utf8

character-set-server = utf8

3, restart the mysql service, modify the coding end.

Coding look mysql modified: SHOW VARIABLES LIKE '% character%'. Should all utf8. Again insert data into the database, there is no distortion.
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