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  MySQL combination Git achieve differential backups can be used in the production environment
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Days sudden fantasy, contribute some strength for the LNMP camp. To share out the usual course of their work experiences and some tips. Today apes are most familiar with Mysql beginning bird house opening blog posts. Welcome apes Paizhuan reproduced.
Note: Bird house test and production environments for Ubuntu
Mysql is one development tool operation and maintenance procedures apes and monkeys are most concerned about, today to talk about the daily backup of Mysql in the house to see the birds.
Common Mysql backup in many ways this is not repeated here. Straight dry!
The shell script needs to be installed
We asked readers for mysql, git, ssh, shell have a certain understanding

The script function: Remote configuration script mysqlserver white and black lists to specify the database sql file backup to use git version control under localserver specified directory,
See git version control changes to the database table data

Pre-configured from localserver-> mysqlserver exemption password (configuration)

localserver (



#! / Bin / bash

#created by lihuibin
#date 2013-8-30
#desc backup mysqlsql file from mysqlserver to localserver

tar_path = "/ root / mysql_backup"

ssh root@ /root/shell/db_backup.sh
[-d $ Tar_path] && cd $ tar_path; git pull || git clone root@ /root/shell/mysql_backup.git



mysqlserver (

Assumption mysqlserver server has testdb1, testdb2, exdb1, exdb2 four databases

Script Location: /root/shell/db_backup.sh


#! / Bin / bash
#created by lihuibin
#date 2013-8-30
#desc exec mysqldump mysqlsql file from mysqlserver to git

time = `date '+% F% R'`
mysql_user = "backup_user"
mysql_password = "backup_passwd"
mysql_host = ""
mysql_port = "3306"

tar_path = / root / shell / mysql_backup
Database list backup_db_arr = ( "testdb1" "testdb2") # need to back up
# Backup_db_arr = ()
exclude_db_arr = ( "exdb1" "exdb2") # list exclude database backup when backup_db_arr is empty, exclude_db_arr into force, not empty only valid backup_db_arr

[-d $ Tar_path]
is_first_backup = $?

in_array () {
  local hay needle = $ 1
  for hay; do
      [[$ Hay == $ needle]] && return 0
  return 1

backup_length = $ {# backup_db_arr [@]}
#echo $ backup_length
exclude_length = $ {# exclude_db_arr [@]}
#echo $ exclude_length;
#in_array "dopool_blog" $ {backup_db_arr [@]} && echo hit || echo miss
for dbname in `mysql -h $ mysql_host -P $ mysql_port -u $ mysql_user -p $ mysql_password -e" show databases "| sed '1,2d'`
    if [$ backup_length -gt 0]; then
        in_array $ dbname $ {backup_db_arr [@]} || continue
    elif [$ backup_length -eq 0 -a $ exclude_length -gt 0]; then
        in_array $ dbname $ {exclude_db_arr [@]} && continue
    for tablename in `mysql -h $ mysql_host -P $ mysql_port -u $ mysql_user -p $ mysql_password -e" show tables from $ dbname "| sed '1d'`
        mkdir -p $ tar_path / $ dbname /
        / Usr / bin / mysqldump --lock-tables = TRUE --extended-insert = FALSE --complete-insert = TRUE -h $ mysql_host -P $ mysql_port -u $ mysql_user -p $ mysql_password $ dbname $ tablename> $ tar_path /$dbname/$tablename.sql

init_git () {
tar_path = `dirname $ 1`
dir_name = `basename $ 1`
cd $ 1
git init
git add.
git commit -a -m "init $ time"
cd $ tar_path
git clone --bare $ dir_name /
rm -rf $ dir_name
git clone $ dir_name.git

[$ Is_first_backup -eq 1] && init_git $ tar_path || {
                                                    cd $ tar_path;
                                                    git add.;
                                                    git commit -a -m "back up $ time";
                                                    git push;


After the implementation of the script, you can combine the git tig, diff command to check each backup version of the database table changes
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