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  MySQL In can not be overridden with an internal connection
  Add Date : 2017-08-31      
  The original interview time, as the interview questions back.
What MySQL In Exists way, very slow ...
Interviewer asked how to do .. answer with internal connection rewriting ..
Then the interviewer revealed a satisfactory smile.

It's always been the script.
It was not until yesterday that I found out that the script was wrong.

Experimental data
Create table song (
 Songid int
 Insert into song values (1), (2), (3);

 Create table song_category_relation (
 Category varchar (10),
 Songid int
 Insert into song_category_relation values
 ( 'Mandarin', 1),
 ( 'Mandarin', 2),
 ( 'Mandarin', 3),
 ( 'Hot', 3);

 Song is the song table
Song_category_relation is the mapping relationship between songs and categories.
A song may have more than one category.

Find the song ID of a song, find all the categories it belongs to, and then find all the songs under all categories.

Use In
 Select * from song where songid in (
 Select songid from song_category_relation where Category in
 (Select Category from song_category_relation where songid = 3)

But at this time if the connection with the rewrite.
Select * from song inner join (
 Select songid from song_category_relation where Category in
 (Select Category from song_category_relation where songid = 3)
 ) A on (a.songid = song.songid);

As you can see, the results of the two approaches are not the same.
Logically, the subquery after In is de-emphasized.
The original is achieved through the Exists .MySQL 5.6, the use of Semi Join optimization.
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