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  MySQL master-slave delay problem
  Add Date : 2017-01-08      
  Recently came across several MySQL master-slave delay problem, there are colleagues complaining about this, a little tidy up

Problems two scenarios:

Scene 1. The main library alter operation takes about 10min, from the library to reproduce this alter the time, also spent about 10min time during the delay continues to increase;

Scene 2. On the main bank on a MyISAM table has a large number of additions and deletions to the operation, the statement from the business operation of the library in this table will often encounter a table lock, resulting in delay from the library;

Scenario Analysis:

Scene 1: In fact, this scenario is very simple, this takes a lot of time to alter the statement, in the main library spent so long after reproduction from the library must also spend a lot of time, naturally blocking synchronization;

Scenario 2:

First make sure the feature MyISAM, MyISAM tables are table-level locking, write mutually exclusive,

When synchronizing SQL thread CRUD data, if the select statement in the operating table, would produce table-level locking, blocking synchronization SQL thread, simply simulate the following table lock obstruction from the library SQL thread

MyISAM tables and in fact this is the case Scenario 1 is a type that is operating in the main library on the library from time to reproduce very slow / blocked, where the problem is reproducible SQL itself, this type of problem can only put these basic "issues SQL" on idle time to operate, belongs to a class of DBA's practices, if it is a normal period of time there is such a case, consider a table alone separated extension when from the library, shielding service request, so after the elimination of the delay, and then add it back, then replaced and another delay from the library, followed by the main library of the chase;

There is also a type from the main delay is synchronized from the library card write binlog this section, typical performance from the library system is a high IO wait, this case, depending on the type of business transaction group to modify and log refresh policy values, or replace the memory, the ability to improve hardware.
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