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  mysqldump implement database logical backup
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Mysqldump is mysql tools used for logical backup. In the process of database backup, you need to include a backup, the database itself, data, binary files (used for database even point reduction).

Following is a brief introduction to the next.

Backup starts:

1: landing mysql process, will need to enter a password, enter the password each time if you want to avoid tedious, you can create .my.cnf hidden files in the login user's home directory to root user as an example

vi /root/.my.cnf


user = 'root'

password = 'exit'

host = 'localhost'

Again until landing time, landing mysql can directly enter the system.

2: Back up the database

mysql database connection

show master status; // that is used to view the current binary log file.

mysqldump -all-databases -lock-all-tables -flush-logs-master-data = 2> / root`date +% F-% H-% M-% S`.sql

Now the database backup, backup binary log file below, after the backup or data binary log files have been refreshed, says a new binary log file is generated, the file name is the serial number on a binary file plus one.

Binary log files will be backed up before the first flush

mysqlbinlog /data/mydata/mysql-bin.000005> /root/1.sql

mysql database connections increment

use stu;

insert into score (name, score) values ( 'xiaozhang', 96);

select * from score;


One day after the last incremental backup

mysqlbinlog /data/mydata/mysql-bin.000006>/root/2.sql

3: Analog database damage.

cd / data / mydata

rm -rf *

killall mysqld // forced to close off all the processes mysql.

Re-initialize the database

cd / usr / local / mysql

scripts / mysql_install-db --user = mysql -datadir = / data / mydata

Before it restores the database to connect to mysql, the binary log file function off.


set sql_log_bin = 0 // Binary logging does not need to open the database restore process.


mysql < / root / `date +% F-% H-% M-% S`.sql // just backed up the database.

mysql < /root/1.sql // import binary log files

mysql < /root/2.sql // import binary incremental backup files

The reduction is complete, the connection open mysql binary log function.


set sql_log_bin = 1

purge binary logs to 'mysql-bin.000006'; // delete No binary log file.

Well, mysqldump logic also previously said that. After continued.
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