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  Nodejs nano library to handle couchdb: need a timeout
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  I want to use nano library. I used db.search / db.get / db.destroy / db.insert, but there is no way to add timeout.

There are many async callback function can be passed as a parameter. I do not want to modify the callback, there is no other way?

--------------------------------------solution---------- ----------------------------------

Use nano, you can provide an object that is passed to the request object:

1. [Code] [text]

var db = require ( 'nano') ({ "requestDefaults": { "proxy": "http: // someproxy"}});

To change the timeout, you can use the timeout attribute:

2. [Code] [text]

var db = require ( 'nano') ({
   "Uri": "http: // localhost: 5984 / mydb",
   "RequestDefaults": { "timeout": "100"} // in miliseconds

Linux, the default timeout is probably 20000ms, 20 seconds.
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