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  ORA-08102 errors
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  ORA-08102: index key not found, obj # 304067, dba 33580767 (2)
oerr ora 8102
08102, 00000, "index key not found, obj #% s, dba% s (% s)"
// * Cause: Internal error: possible inconsistency in index
// * Action: Send trace file to your customer support representative, along
// With information on reproducing the error

Error message seems to mean is the need to re-index.

SQL> SELECT owner, object_name, object_type
   2 FROM Dba_Objects
   3 WHERE object_id IN (304067);
------------------------------ -------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------- ------------------

SQL> alter index share001.IDX_SHARE_TMP_IPID rebuild online;

problem solved!
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