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  ORA-38856: Unable instance UNNAMED_INSTANCE_2 (redo thread 2) marked enabled
  Add Date : 2016-09-26      
  In doing remote database recovery time trial, error ORA-38856, details are as follows:

Source Library for Oracle RAC, 2 node database version

Target library is a single instance of ORACLE, version

Source Library Rman backup of all equipment 0

After a successful restore, recover unsuccessful, need to use the original online log, rebuilding the control file,

Then alter database open resetlogs, given

SQL> alter database open resetlogs;
alter database open resetlogs
Line 1 Error:
ORA-38856: Unable instance UNNAMED_INSTANCE_2 (redo thread 2) marked enabled

It is a Bug:


Oracle 10g release 2.0 that affects backups taken from a RAC database. The problem is related to the number of threads

used by the source database and an expectation that the cloned database must have an identical number of threads.


1. Set the following parameter in the auxiliary init.ora file: _ no_recovery_through_resetlogs = TRUE.
2. Open the database in resetlogs mode.
3. Remove _no_recovery_through_resetlogs = TRUE from init.ora.
4. Restart database.
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