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  Oracle 11g Export guide problem not an empty table
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Oracle 11g will encounter such a problem, the whole library derived by exp, will encounter such a problem, the library can not export an empty table

select * from all_all_tables aa where aa.owner = 'User name uppercase' --- View all user table

select * from all_tables t where t.owner = 'User name capitalized' and t.num_rows = 0; - see all users at an empty table

Well, here is the processing method script:

In the command window, run:

set heading off;
set echo off;
set feedback off;
set termout on;
spool D: \ allocate.sql;
Select 'alter table' || table_name || 'allocate extent;' from user_tables where num_rows = 0;
spool off;

After the run is complete, and then in the command window to allocate.sql executed once, then you can use exp statement, so an empty table can be turned out
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