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  Oracle 11g maintenance partitions (eight) - Renaming Partitions
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  We can rename tables and indexes and child partitions. Renaming a partition One reason may be assigned a meaningful name, not the other system maintenance operations default name assigned to the partition.

All partitioning methods are supported using the FOR (value) to identify a partition. You can use this method to rename a partition name automatically generated, replacing it with a more meaningful name. This is particularly useful for re-zoning or a composite partition table.

You can individually rename the partition table referenced in the main table and the child table and child partitions. Re-naming operations master table is not cascaded to the relevant sub-tables.

Rename table partitions

Rename a range, hash, or list partition, use the ALTER TABLE ... RENAME PARTITION statement. E.g:

ALTER TABLE scubagear RENAME PARTITION sys_p636 TO tanks;

Rename the table sub-partition

Similarly, you can develop a new name to the sub-partition table. In this case you want to use ALTER TABLE ... RENAME SUBPARTITION syntax.

Rename index partition

Index and child partitions can also be carried out in a similar manner to rename, use the ALTER INDEX syntax.

Rename an index partition

Use ALTER INDEX ... RENAME PARTITION statement to rename an index partition.

ALTER INDEX statement does not support the use of FOR (value) to identify a partition. In the rename operation you have to use the original name of the partition.

Renaming an index sub-partitions

The following statement simply describes how to rename an increase to the base table partition partition name generated by default:

ALTER INDEX scuba RENAME SUBPARTITION sys_subp3254 TO bcd_types;
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