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  Oracle common internal event tracking number
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Oracle Internal event numbers are often used to track the status of the system, how to use these internal event number, event and experience is required. This record is only in these common event number inside, ready to work.

1,10013: Monitoring for Transaction Recovery
2,10015: Dump UNDO SEGMENT head
        event = "10015 trace name context forever"
3,10029: for giving landing information during session
4,10030: for giving information during a session logout
5,10032: Dump sort of statistical information
6,10033: Dump sort Growth statistics
7,10045: Tracking Freelist management operations
8,10046: trace SQL statements
                alter session set events '10046 trace name context forever, level 4'; - trace SQL statements and display bind variables
                alter session set events '10046 trace name context forever, level 8'; - trace SQL statements and display wait events
9,10053: Dump Optimization Strategy
10,10059: Analog redo log is created and clear error
11,10061: prevent temporary segment SMON process cleared at startup
12,10079: Dump SQL * NET Statistics
13,10081: Dump high water mark change
14,10104: Dump Hash connection statistics
15,10128: rest dump partition information
16,10200: Dump information read consistency
17,10201: Dump read consistency in the application Undo
18,10209: allow the analog error in the control file
19,10210: Check the event trigger data block
          event = "10210 trace name context forever, level 10"
20,10211: Trigger event index check
21,10213: simulation after the write control file crash
22,10214: simulation in the control file write errors
          levelnumber 1-9 from a wrong block number, greater than or equal to 10 for each control file error
23,10215: simulation in the control file read errors
24,10220: Dump Undo changes in head
25,10221; dump Undo Changes
26,10224: Dump index partition and delete
27,10225: Dump Interval based dictionary management changes
28,10229: simulation data file I / O error
29,10231: set when a full table scan ignores corrupted data block
        alter session set events '10231 trace name context off'; - data block checking during closed session
        event = "10231 trace name context forever, level 10" - read into the SGA for any process data blocks to be checked
30,10232: Set soft damage (DBMS_REPAIR package settings or DB_BLOCK_CHECKING set to TRUE) blocks of data dump to the trace file
31,10235: checking for memory heap
        alter session set events '10235 trace name context forever, level 1';
32,10241: Dump remote SQL execution
33,10246: Tracking PMON process
34,10248: Tracking dispatch process
35,10249: MTS process tracking
36,10252: Analog Write Data File Header Error
37,10253: Analog to write redo log file errors
38,10262: a memory leak allows the connection
        alter session set events '10262 trace name context forever, level 300'; - allowed 300 bytes of memory leak
39,10270: Dump cursor sharing
40,10285: analog control file header corruption
41,10286: analog control file open error
42,10287: analog archive error
43,10357: Debugging direct path mechanism
44,10500: Tracking SMON process
45,10608: Trace Bitmap index creation
46,10704: Tracking enqueues
47,10706: Tracking global enqueues
48,10708: Tracking the RAC buffer cache
49,10710: track access to bitmap indexes
50,10711: Trace bitmap index merge operations
51,10712: Trace Bitmap Indexes OR operation
52,10713: Trace Bitmap Indexes AND operation
53,10714: Trace bitmap index MINUS operation
54,10715: bitmap indexes tracking the conversion to ROWID
55,10716: Trace bitmap index compression and decompression
56,10719: bitmap indexes tracking changes
57,10731: Tracking the cursor declaration
58,10928: Trace PL / SQL execution
59,10938: Dump PL / SQL execution statistics
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