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  Oracle create user authorization and in PLSQL
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  1. Open the SQLPlus, according prompted for a user name and password to log in.
Note: If the users of the system, it can only use sysdba login. For example: sys as sysdba, enter the User's password.
2, after a successful login, you first create the table space, table space where I "StationSpace".
Create TableSpace StationSpace DataFile 'E: Oracle oradata StationSpace StationSpace.dbf' Size 1024M Uniform Size 128k;
3, after the table space is created, and then create the user.
Create User UserName Identified by Password Default TableSpace StationSpace;
4, after the user has been created, it can then give the user authorization.
Grant Connect, Resource, DBA to UserName;
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