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  Oracle creates split and splitstr functions
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  The Sql statement is best executed in order

/ **************************************
 * Name: split
 * Function: Returns the type of the table after the character is divided by the specified character.
 * Parameters: p_list: string to be split.
                P_sep: delimiter, the default comma, can also specify a character or string.
 * Example: select * from users where u_id in (select column_value from table (split ( '1,2')))
                Returns two rows of data with u_id of 1 and 2.
 ************************************** /
/ * Create a table type * /
Create or replace type tabletype as table of varchar2 (32676)

/ * Create split function * /
Create or replace function split (p_list clob, p_sep varchar2: = ',')
  Return tabletype

  L_idx pls_integer;
  V_list varchar2 (32676): = p_list;
      L_idx: = instr (v_list, p_sep);

      If l_idx> 0
        Pipe row (substr (v_list, 1, l_idx - 1));
        V_list: = substr (v_list, l_idx + length (p_sep));
        Pipe row (v_list);
      End if;
  End loop;


/ **************************************
 * Name: splitstr
 * Author: sean zhang.
 * Date: 2012-09-03.
 * Function: Returns the string of the specified node after the specified character has been divided.
 * Parameters: str: string to be split.
                I: Returns the number of nodes. When i is 0 returns all the characters in str, when i exceeds the number can be split to return empty.
                Sep: delimiter, the default comma, can also specify a character or string. Returns the character in sep when the specified delimiter does not exist in str.
 * Example: select splitstr ( 'abc, def', 1) as str from dual;
                Select splitstr ( 'abc, def', 3) as str from dual;
 ************************************** /
/ * Create splitstr function * /
Create or replace function splitstr (str in clob,
                                    I in number: = 0,
                                    Sep in varchar2: = ',') return varchar2 is
  T_i number;
  T_count number;
  T_str varchar2 (4000);
  If i = 0 then
    T_str: = str;
  Elsif instr (str, sep) = 0 then
    T_str: = sep;
    Select count (*) into t_count from table (split (str, sep));
    If i < = t_count then
      Select str
        Into t_str
        From (select rownum as item, column_value as str
                From table (split (str, sep)))
      Where item = i;
    End if;
  End if;

  Return t_str;

Example: split (string, identity)


Select split ( 'a, b, c, e, d, f, g') arrData from dual;

Default split with commas, you can customize the modification, such as: select split ( 'X-rapido & Lemon', '&') arrData from dual;

Default split with commas, you can customize the modification, such as: select split ( 'X-rapido & Lemon', '&') arrData from dual;

Example: splitstr (string, get the node subscript, delimiter)

Select splitstr ( 'X-rapido & Lemon & Jennifer', 1, '&') word from dual; - X-rapido
Select splitstr ( 'X-rapido & Lemon & Jennifer', 2, '&') word from dual;
Select splitstr ( 'X-rapido & Lemon & Jennifer', 3, '&') word from dual; - Jennifer
Select splitstr ( 'X-rapido & Lemon & Jennifer', 4, '&') word from dual; - empty string
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