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  Oracle Data Pump Example
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Oracle Data Pump example, the main export Examples:

1. Export specified table space:

expdp system / xxx DIRECTORY = dump_dir tableapace = xxx dumpfile = xxx_% DATE: ~ 0,4 %% DATE: ~ 5,2 %% DATE: ~ 8,2% "dmp logfile = xxx.log.

Seemingly only export tables, indexes, and triggers, so it is still using the specified schema way better

2. Export specified schema:

expdp system / xxx DIRECTORY = dump_dir schemas = xxx dumpfile = xxx_% DATE: ~ 0,4 %% DATE: ~ 5,2 %% DATE: ~ 8,2% "dmp logfile = xxx.log.

This way you can export all the objects under the schema

3. Export specified table:

expdp user / xxx DIRECTORY = dump_dir DUMPFILE = dept.dmpTABLES = T1, T2 logfile = xxx.log;

4. Parallel Export:

expdp system / xxx schemas = xxx DIRECTORY = dump_dir PARALLEL = 3 dumpfile = KDJM2008-11-28_% U.dmp logfile = xxx.log

5. Metadata export options:

content = metadata_only
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