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  Oracle delete table space prompted ORA-00604 and ORA-38301
  Add Date : 2017-01-08      
  Today need to free up space on the machine and found that Oracle has a dbf file accounts for about 30G, the data file corresponding to a user rarely used, so wanted to deal with it - delete table space operation.

This machine is 32-bit database, table space TEST_TB there are several tables of data. Just use dba role at the start of system users, direct execution

drop tablespace test_tb including contents and datafiles;


ORA-00604: recursive SQL level 1 errors

ORA-38301: Unable to execute DDL / DML to the Recycle Bin objects

Reason: dba_segments exist in the table space test_tb data, execute queries by dba users:

select segment_name, segment_type, owner from dba_segments where tablespace_name = 'TEST_TB';


1. The table space corresponding user login

2. Run the purge recyclebyin;

3. To re-execute the drop tablespace test_tb incluing contents and datafiles;

After the implementation, dbf file does not exist, space is vacated.
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