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  Oracle local user login authentication fails ORA-01031 insufficient privileges
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Environment: linux x86 64

Error: sqlplus / as sysdba ORA-01031 insufficient privileges while sqlplus sys / password as sysdba can visit

an examination:

Orapwd rename a file, sqlplus sys / password login also failed to prove effective when the password file in the landing, sqlplus / as sysdba represents the operating system fails validation

Two checks users and group cat / etc / passwd cat / etc / shadow / etc / group / etc / gshadow, tune system-config-user error, does not match with the group, find / etc / gshadow have Oracle group, and / etc / no group, delete oracle group

Build three additional test account, the situation remains

Four suspected install oracle software process management software oracle user does not specify

Check the operating system whether the user is currently connected is "osdba" and has been defined in:

"$ ORACLE_HOME / rdbms / lib / config.s"


"$ ORACLE_HOME / rdbms / lib / config.c".

Found to dba, dba group to establish, modify user attributes usermod oracle -g onistall -G dba

Of course, you can also change config.c file, then relink all
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