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  Oracle online redefinition
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Before online redefinition [@ more @] Oracle9i, sorting table data through alter table XXX move [tablespace XX] carried out. If the table is very large, when the IO not fast, move the process can be quite long, it can not be regarded HA features. Therefore, HA-line maintenance, we will not use the basic move to reorganize a large table, and move the table after the need to rebuild the index. In 9i introduced dbms_redefinition. The principle of the internal process is actually using the MV mechanism, similar to the establishment of a prebuilt in the original table MV then has been incremental refresh data to the smallest difference. Oracle in a small pause, and the final point incremental synchronization, after completely synchronized with the original table new table name change, since the name change operation is only the data dictionary, so the final switching time is very short.

- Firstly, to test a foreign key constraint table test_refed

SQL> create table test_refed (id number primary key);

Table created.

SQL> insert into test_refed select rownum from dba_objects where rownum <10001;

10000 rows created.

SQL> commit;

Commit complete.

- We are ready to modify a table definition create table test, unpartitioned

SQL> create table test (id number, fid number);

Table created.

SQL> insert into test select rownum, rownum from dba_objects where rownum <1001;

1000 rows created.

SQL> commit;

Commit complete.

- Add a primary key constraint and a foreign key constraint, and the outer key index

SQL> alter table test add constraint pk_test primary key (id);

Table altered.

SQL> alter table test add constraint fk_test_refed_id foreign key (fid) references test_refed (id);

Table altered.

SQL> create index idx_test_fid on test (fid);

Index created.

- Create a trigger-based test table

SQL> create trigger tr_test
 2 before insert on test for each row
 3 begin
 4 null;
 5 end;
 6 /

Trigger created.

- Preparation: call dbms_redefinition.can_redef_table boylook.test to verify whether the online redefinition. Generally there is no primary key, etc. error.
SQL> begin
 2 dbms_redefinition.can_redef_table ( 'BOYLOOK', 'TEST');
 3 end;
 4 /

PL / SQL procedure successfully completed.

- Create a need to redefine the transition table inter_test, this is a partitioned table, the original table after all the data will be transferred to the online tables were. Note that the table than the original table test more than one field c

SQL> create table inter_test (id number, fid number, c number)
 2 partition by range (id)
 3 (partition p1 values ​​less than (400),
 4 partition p2 values ​​less than (800),
 5 partition p3 values ​​less than (maxvalue));

Table created.

SQL> alter table inter_test add constraint pk_inter_test primary key (id);

Table altered.

- Perform an online redefinition
Note: Calling this stored procedure requires create / alter / drop / lock / select any table privilege

SQL> exec dbms_redefinition.start_redef_table ( 'BOYLOOK', 'TEST', 'INTER_TEST', 'id id, fid fid, 0 c');

PL / SQL procedure successfully completed.

- Verify that the data brush past
SQL> select count (*) from inter_test;

 COUNT (*)

- Continue to operate on the original table test
SQL> insert into test select rownum + 1000, rownum + 1000 from dba_objects where rownum <= 24;

24 rows created.

SQL> commit;

Commit complete.

SQL> select count (*) from test;

 COUNT (*)

SQL> select count (*) from inter_test;

 COUNT (*)

- Perform table synchronization
Note: This step is not necessary, but for the large table in the middle run incremental synchronization helps reduce switching time.

SQL> exec dbms_redefinition.sync_interim_table ( 'BOYLOOK', 'TEST', 'INTER_TEST');

PL / SQL procedure successfully completed.

- We found that data synchronization over
SQL> select count (*) from inter_test;

 COUNT (*)

- Test of the original table constraints, indexes, triggers emigres
Note: This is best to check the authorization. Check test prior permission, and give the same privileges to the middle of the table inter_test. Otherwise permission of the original table will not be transferred to the new table
SQL> alter table inter_test add constraint fk_inter_refed_id foreign key (fid) references test_refed (id);

Table altered.

SQL> create index idx_inter_test_fid on inter_test (fid);

Index created.

SQL> create or replace trigger tr_inter_test
 2 before insert on inter_test for each row
 3 begin
 4 null;
 5 end;
 6 /

Trigger created.

- Perform complete redefinition process. Oracle completed the test table to table inter_test-for staff, but all the constraints, indexes or triggers to maintain the original name or the name of the table above

SQL> exec dbms_redefinition.finish_redef_table ( 'BOYLOOK', 'TEST', 'INTER_TEST');

PL / SQL procedure successfully completed.

SQL> desc test;
Name Null? Type
----------------------------------------- ---------- ---------------------------

SQL> desc inter_test;
Name Null? Type
----------------------------------------- ---------- ---------------------------

SQL> select table_name, partition_name from user_tab_partitions where table_name = 'TEST';

------------------------------ -------------------- ----------

SQL> select table_name, constraint_name, status from user_constraints where table_name in ( 'TEST', 'INTER_TEST');

------------------------------ -------------------- ---------- --------

SQL> select table_name, index_name from user_indexes where table_name in ( 'TEST', 'INTER_TEST');

------------------------------ -------------------- ----------

SQL> select table_name, trigger_name from user_triggers where table_name in ( 'TEST', 'INTER_TEST');

------------------------------ -------------------- ----------

SQL> select * from test where rownum <= 10;

---------- ---------- ----------

10 rows selected.

- Remove the transition table, and call it a day. In this case also can consider modifying indexes, constraints, triggers consistent with the original name

SQL> drop table inter_test cascade constraints purge;

Table dropped.
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