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  Oracle RAC upgrade to problems encountered
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Recently, the demand at home so early test environment to do the relevant tests, the Oracle RAC for Linux Upgrading to Oracle RAC, it does not make any changes to the physical structure of a direct upgrade RAC. The upgrade process is divided into the following steps:

1) Upgrade Grid Infrastructure (Clusterware). <<<< As shown below, the direct use of the installation media to upgrade Grid Infrastructure release.

2) Upgrade ASM. <<<< Upgrade GI can be attached together to upgrade the ASM, as shown below, select the "Upgrade Cluster Oracle Automatic Storage Management (Oracle ASM)" can be.

3) Upgrading Oracle Database software. <<<< Easiest upgrade Oracle Database software, the use of out-of-place in the manner set DB newly installed software.
4) Upgrade the data dictionary. <<<< Upgrade data dictionary is relatively simple, the main tool is the Pre-Upgrade Tools scripts, and stand-alone version of the database upgrade is not much difference.

    The upgrade process to test the automatic upgrade ASM time card a little, the other steps are more successful, the following will be upgraded ASM problems encountered do some summary.

    ASM upgrade is complete on all nodes in the RAC rootupgrade.sh script execution, click the graphic to start the next. There is little need to explain, if you perform after rootupgrade.sh script, no subsequent graphical interface (such as server restarts and other reasons, you can also perform $ GI_HOME / cfgtoollogs / configToolFailedCommands script immediately continue with the follow-up configuration.

After performing all RAC nodes rootupgrade.sh script, viewing through 11g Clusterware resources:
[Root @ rac01 bin] # ./crsctl stat res -t
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------
Local Resources
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------
               ONLINE ONLINE rac01
               ONLINE ONLINE rac02
               OFFLINE OFFLINE rac01
               OFFLINE OFFLINE rac02
               ONLINE ONLINE rac01
               ONLINE ONLINE rac02
               ONLINE ONLINE rac01
               ONLINE ONLINE rac02
               OFFLINE OFFLINE rac01
               OFFLINE OFFLINE rac02
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------
Cluster Resources
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------
      1 ONLINE ONLINE rac01
      1 ONLINE ONLINE rac01
      1 ONLINE ONLINE rac01
      1 ONLINE ONLINE rac01 <<<< version of the DB resources
      1 ONLINE ONLINE rac01 <<<< version of DB Instance resource
      1 ONLINE ONLINE rac02 <<<< version of DB Instance resource
      1 ONLINE ONLINE rac01 <<<< version of the ASM instance resource
      1 ONLINE ONLINE rac01
      1 ONLINE ONLINE rac02 <<<< version of the ASM instance resource
      1 ONLINE ONLINE rac02
      1 ONLINE ONLINE rac01

If, before upgrading ASM, version of the ASM instance resource running, follow ASM upgrade operation will receive the following error:
INFO: Command / d01 / grid / bin / asmca -silent -upgradeASM -oui_internal
INFO: ... GenericInternalPlugIn.handleProcess () entered.
INFO: ... GenericInternalPlugIn: getting configAssistantParmas.
INFO: ... GenericInternalPlugIn: checking secretArguments.
INFO: ... GenericInternalPlugIn: starting read loop.
INFO: Processing: ASMSNMP_PASSWORD_PROMPT for argument tag -asmMonitorPassword
INFO: End of argument passing to stdin
INFO: Read:
INFO: Read: ORA-01034: ORACLEnotavailable
INFO: Read:
INFO: Read:
INFO: oracle.assistants.asm: The plug-in AutomaticStorageManagementConfigurationAssistanthasfailed its perform method

The solution is to stop the old version of the asm instance, start the ASM instance 11g of:
[Root @ rac01 bin] # ./crsctl stop res ora.rac01.ASM1.asm
CRS-2673: Attempting to stop 'ora.rac01.ASM1.asm' on 'rac01'
CRS-2677: Stop of 'ora.rac01.ASM1.asm' on 'rac01' succeeded

[Root @ rac01 bin] # ./crsctl stop res ora.rac02.ASM2.asm
CRS-2673: Attempting to stop 'ora.rac02.ASM2.asm' on 'rac02'
CRS-2677: Stop of 'ora.rac02.ASM2.asm' on 'rac02' succeeded

[Root @ rac01 bin] # ./crsctl start res ora.asm -init <<<< need to start ASM operations all nodes in the RAC.
CRS-2672: Attempting to start 'ora.drivers.acfs' on 'rac01'
CRS-2676: Start of 'ora.drivers.acfs' on 'rac01' succeeded
CRS-2672: Attempting to start 'ora.asm' on 'rac01'
CRS-2676: Start of 'ora.asm' on 'rac01' succeeded

This problem can refer to the article: "ASM Upgrade from to Fails: INS-20802, ORA-1034 (Document ID 1534279.1)"

    Note: You can only upgrade RAC Clusterware, do not upgrade ASM, do not upgrade the DB's normal operation, the old version of the ASM, DB LISTENER and the like will need more resources to start and manage compatibility.

Once done, execute again $ GRID_HOME / cfgtoollogs / configToolFailedCommands script to view the log received similar to the following error, ASMCA failed upgrade:
/opt/grid/oui/bin/runConfig.sh ORACLE_HOME = / opt / grid MODE = perform ACTION = configure RERUN = false $ *
The plug-in Automatic Storage Management Configuration Assistant is running

The plug-in Automatic Storage Management Configuration Assistant has failed its perform method

Manually perform asmca -silent -upgradeASM -asmsnmpPassword oracle123 upgrade ASM will receive the same error.

The problem is a bug, refer to the following articles can be solved:

1. Rerun the command as:

/ Opt / grid / bin / asmca -silent -postConfigureASM -oui_internal -sysAsmPassword -asmMonitorPassword
Replace above asmadmin passwd and asmdba passwd with the real password.

2. Check resource status:
crsctl stat res -t

It should show all resources (except gsd and oc4j) are ONLINE now. Gsd and oc4j OFFLINE is intended status for

Another workaround as per BUG 16749410 - RUNCONFIG.SH FAILS WHEN UPGRADING ASM FROM 11.1 TO 11.2:

1. Create a response file for configToolAllCommands named cfgrsp.properties, for example /cfgtoollogs/cfgrsp.properties. This file must be populated with 2 entries
 "Oracle.assistants.asm | S_ASMPASSWORD"
 "Oracle.assistants.asm | S_ASMMONITORPASSWORD"

The value for S_ASMPASSWORD MUST be left blank, S_ASMMONITORPASSWORD will be set to the desired ASM Monitor Password The file should look as follows (assuming the ASMMONITORPASSWORD will be set to oracle).:

 oracle.assistants.asm | S_ASMPASSWORD =
 oracle.assistants.asm | S_ASMMONITORPASSWORD = oracle
2. Once the response file is created, execute configToolAllCommands as follows:

  / cfgtoollogs / configToolAllCommands RESPONSE_FILE = /cfgtoollogs/cfgrsp.properties

The question refer to the article: "11gR2 Rerun command in configToolFailedCommands Failed (Document ID 1191814.1)"

After completing the entire upgrade process resources ASM instance does not exist, asmca not work properly, you need to GI owners operating system user to perform the following command to manually add the ASM instance:
./srvctl add asm -l LISTENER -p /u01/app/11.2.0/grid/dbs/spfile+ASM.ora -d '/ dev / rhdisk *'

So far, ASMCA to be working.
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