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  Oracle table space create large files
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Large table space is Oracle 10g as well as a new type of table space for a future version of the introduction, mainly used for storing large files must Solutions shortage. Different from ordinary table space is large file table space can only correspond to a unique data files or temporary files, and ordinary table space can correspond to a maximum of 1022 data files or temporary files.

Although large table space can only correspond to a data file or temporary file, but the corresponding files up to 4G of data block size, and ordinary table space corresponding to the maximum file size up to 4M data blocks.

Create a large table space

Create a large table space need to use bigfile keywords, and only for a specified data files or temporary files.

With large table space corresponding to the general use of ordinary table space smallfile keyword means, but by default, you can omit the keyword, because this is the default type of table space is created smallfile. You can find out the type of the current database default tablespace by querying the data dictionary database_propertis.

SQL> create bigfile tablespace mybigspace // large table space
  2 datafile 'f: \ oracledata \ bigspace.dbf'
  3 size 10m;
Table space has been created.
SQL> select tablespace_name, bigfile from dba_tablespaces;
------------------------------ ---
9 has been selected row.

SQL> column property_name format a20
SQL> column property_value format a20
SQL> column description format a30
SQL> select property_name, property_value, description from database_properties where property_name = 'DEFAULT_TBS_TYPE';

-------------------- -------------------- ---------- --------------------
DEFAULT_TBS_TYPE SMALLFILE Default tablespace type
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