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  Oracle to create an external table
  Add Date : 2017-08-31      
  Oracle db allows read-only queries in the form of an external table. External table can be stored in any storage device that can be read in oracle db, its contents are not stored in db, db saves only the external table metadata, db can query (join, sort) external table, you can create a view, synonym, but not You can execute DML statements.

Create an external table syntax create table ...... orginzition external, can put a hypothetical external table view, you can do a normal select.
analyze and virtual column table analysis does not use external tables

Create an external table syntax
External table file:
360, Jane, Janus, ST_CLERK, 121,17-MAY-2001,3000,0,50, jjanus
361, Mark, Jasper, SA_REP, 145,17-MAY-2001,8000, .1,80, mjasper
362, Brenda, Starr, AD_ASST, 200,17-MAY-2001,5500,0,10, bstarr
363, Alex, Alda, AC_MGR, 145,17-MAY-2001,9000, .15,80, aalda
401, Jesse, Cromwell, HR_REP, 203,17-MAY-2001,7000,0,40, jcromwel
402, Abby, Applegate, IT_PROG, 103,17-MAY-2001,9000, .2,60, aapplega
403, Carol, Cousins, AD_VP, 100,17-MAY-2001,27000, .3,90, ccousins
404, John, Richardson, AC_ACCOUNT, 205,17-MAY-2001,5000,0,110, jrichard
Create an external table oracle path can be identified:

SQL> conn / as sysdba
SQL> create directory external_dir as '/ u01 / app / oracle / oradata / external';

Directory created.

SQL> grant read, write on directory external_dir to kevin;

Grant succeeded.
User external table kevin, create an external table

SQL> CREATE TABLE ex_employees
  2 (employee_id NUMBER (4),
  3 first_name VARCHAR2 (20),
  4 last_name VARCHAR2 (25),
  5 job_id VARCHAR2 (10),
  6 manager_id NUMBER (4),
  7 hire_date DATE,
  8 salary NUMBER (8,2),
  9 commission_pct NUMBER (2,2),
10 department_id NUMBER (4),
11 email VARCHAR2 (25)
14 (
16 DEFAULT DIRECTORY external_dir
18 (
19 records delimited by newline
20 badfile external_dir: 'empxt% a_% p.bad'
21 logfile external_dir: 'empxt% a_% p.log'
22 fields terminated by ','
23 missing field values are null
24 (employee_id, first_name, last_name, job_id, manager_id,
25 hire_date char date_format date mask "dd-mon-yyyy",
26 salary, commission_pct, department_id, email
29 LOCATION ( 'example1.txt', 'example2.txt')

Table created.
You can import the data by cats when you are finished to a table in the database, if the data more, you can open the session level parallel import

alter session enable parallel;
create table employee as select * from ex_employee;

----------- -------------------- ------------------- ------ ---------- ---------- --------- ---------- ----- --------- ------------- -------------------------
        360 Jane Janus ST_CLERK 121 17-MAY-01 3000 0 50 jjanus
        361 Mark Jasper SA_REP 145 17-MAY-01 8000 .1 80 mjasper
        362 Brenda Starr AD_ASST 200 17-MAY-01 5500 0 10 bstarr
        363 Alex Alda AC_MGR 145 17-MAY-01 9000 .15 80 aalda

        401 Jesse Cromwell HR_REP 203 17-MAY-01 7000 0 40 jcromwel
        402 Abby Applegate IT_PROG 103 17-MAY-01 9000 .2 60 aapplega
        403 Carol Cousins AD_VP 100 17-MAY-01 27000 .3 90 ccousins
        404 John Richardson AC_ACCOUNT 205 17-MAY-01 5000 0 110 jrichard

10 rows selected.
Created, external table can be used normally
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