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  Oracle users to automatically increase the partition table
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  The program can be used as an Oracle JOB execution of the month on the 28th execution (February 28 days to consider the reasons), automatically increase the partition table for the partition under the user. [@ More @]
create or replace procedure guan_add_partition
/ *
/ * All of a user partition table partition partition automatically increase as date types, partition name similar to:. P200706.
* /
v_table_name varchar2 (50);
v_partition_name varchar2 (50);
v_month char (6);
v_add_month_1 char (6);
v_sql_string varchar2 (2000);
v_add_month varchar2 (20);
cursor cur_part is select distinct u.table_name, max (p.partition_name) max_part_name from user_tables u, user_tab_partitions p
where u.table_name = p.table_name and u.partitioned = 'YES'
group by u.table_name;
select to_char (sysdate, 'yyyymm') into v_month from dual;
select to_char (add_months (sysdate, 1), 'yyyymm') into v_add_month_1 from dual;
select to_char (add_months (trunc (sysdate, 'mm'), 2), 'yyyy-mm-dd') into v_add_month from dual;
open cur_part;
fetch cur_part into v_table_name, v_partition_name;
exit when cur_part% notfound;
if to_number (substr (v_partition_name, 2)) <= to_number (substr (v_month, 1)) then
v_sql_string: = 'alter table' || v_table_name || 'add partition p' || v_add_month_1 ||
'VALUES LESS THAN (to_date (' '' || v_add_month || '' ',' 'yyyy-mm-dd' ')) tablespace users';
execute immediate v_sql_string;
end if;
end loop;
close cur_part;
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