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  php for Linux the MySQL extension module installation and configuration
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Install PHP extensions, too many people have written, and casually Baidu, Google look, you can find a variety of PHP extension installation methods, and today I want to write is not in the case of local installation msyql application, how to install the configuration php mysql extension. Let me talk about why there is such a demand for it, this can be said VPS, cloud hosting that is the hottest start of the year, many small companies and individuals are buying large cloud hosting, cloud database and so on. When our website or application, that is, when using RDS Ali cloud cloud databases, cloud hosting is that we do not need to install mysql, because we have to do a distributed system architecture, each server that is only running a special application. Well, I said so much, let's start the installation and configuration of PHP mysql extension bar.

First, download or upload php program
wget http://cn2.php.net/distributions/php-5.5.26.tar.gz
tar xzvf php-5.5.26.tar.gz
cd php-5.5.26 / ext / mysql /
In fact, we have already installed PHP before, and go directly to the appropriate path to your source code can be stored;

Second, prepare the environment
Before the formal installation, we need to install mysql header files, or the configuration (configure) when being given;
yum -y install mysql-devel

NOTE: If a 64-bit operating system, it also needs to be a soft link, or in the configuration (configure) when being given not find lib file, namely:
ln -s / usr / lib64 / mysql / usr / lib / mysql

Third, the installation
Since I previously installed php source code is on the root directory, php installed to / usr / local / php so:

cd /root/php-5.5.26/ext/mysql
/ Usr / local / php / bin / phpize
./configure --with-php-config = / usr / local / php / bin / php-config --with-mysql = / usr
make install

Fourth, the configuration
When installation is complete, the system will prompt the relevant path extension files stored in your newly installed, we simply edit your php.ini file, add the following to the next:

extension = mysql.so

The final restart to take effect php-fpm and nginx or apache to serve;
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