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  PostgreSQL log classification and management
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  PostgreSQL has three kinds of logs are pg_log (database running log), pg_xlog (WAL log, that redo logs), pg_clog (transaction commit log record of the transaction metadata)

pg_log is off by default, need to set the parameters to enable this log. pg_xlog and pg_clog are forced open, not close.

1. Enable and configure logging parameters pg_log
log_destination = 'csvlog'
  logging_collector = on
  log_directory = 'pg_log'
  log_filename = 'postgresql-% Y-% m-% d_% H% M% S.log'
  log_rotation_age = 1d
  log_rotation_size = 100MB
  log_min_messages = info
  # Record slow SQL execution
  log_min_duration_statement = 60
  log_checkpoints = on
  log_connections = on
  log_disconnections = on
  log_duration = on
  log_line_prefix = '% m'
  # Monitoring database long locks
log_lock_waits = on
  # Record DDL operations
log_statement = 'ddl'

2. Restart PostgreSQL to see the newly generated log $ PGDATA / pg_log / under.
pg_ctl restart -m fast
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