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  Several reasons MySQL garbled
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  MySQL garbled reason, is nothing more than the following reasons:

1, the distortion prior to deposit into the database

2, in the presence of the process into the database garbled

3, deposit into the database garbled

Want to know where the distortion is very simple, printed in the background will know.

Now that we know where the problem is, that the solution is very simple:

1, jsp set the encoding is utf-8, to ensure the spread of the background is the encoding utf-8

2, the database connection plus in such a period of jdbc: mysql: // localhost: 3306 / test? useUnicode = true & characterEncoding = utf-8, to ensure that the transfer process is utf-8's.

3, the database is encoded as utf-8, or set in Config settings are also in line my.ini, attention is my.ini in the default-character-set to change two places

4, url or easyui garbled, you can try in the tomcat's server.xml

< Connector port = "8080" protocol = "HTTP / 1.1"
               connectionTimeout = "20000"
               redirectPort = "8443" />

< Connector port = "8080" protocol = "HTTP / 1.1"
               connectionTimeout = "20000"
               redirectPort = "8443" URIEncoding = "utf-8" />
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