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  The AWK use Cygwin tools mysql binlog log viewer
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Linux tool really tough, but as there is no right to use the Linux machine and the development of not using Linux for people who sometimes want to use some command really inconvenient, so before going to try to use cygwin, a UNIX-simulation running on windows platform environment is cygnus solutions developed by free software, some use the command to bring a lot of convenience.

Demand for initial use are: binlog log exported by someone else, 100 + Mb, use a text editor to open the windows of the super slow, almost stuck fast, and view it is very difficult, so I'd like to select the relevant line out, saved as a separate a small file for easy viewing!

1, cygwin installation would not elaborate on the principle that all can be installed by default, since there is need to re-run the installation file setup.exe can.

2, preliminary debugging

The first command: Nature is the ls command to view the files in the current directory, found no document (cd /, ls view, it is not, and almost Linux);

The second command: View the current directory pwd, found to be / home / myhome; (under windows can easily add environment variables, and then open the shortcut cygwin: Run> minitty, and then lists the current directory: pwd, found / cygdrive / c / Users / myhome)

The third command: know the directory structure, you just need to find the file you want to open it, as follows: more /cygdrive/c/Users/Desktop/binlog.000033, then the entire screen is full-screen brush, does not look like clear.

The fourth command: Since the use of Linux, be sure to use awk this powerful text processing tools, the following: more /cygdrive/c/Users/Desktop/binlog.000033 | awk -F '@' '/ tab_user [^ _] / {print NR, "===>", $ 0} '> filtered-binlog.txt; this way, put the output to filter out the filtered-binlog.txt Lane, which under the more relaxed look. Other more useful commands, slowly with it. Note, awk inside the character must use double quotes, you can escape eg: \. "

3, what tools you need, the re-click setup.exe, to install it. (No apt-get, no yum, be careful not to conflict and windows oh)

So, you can properly use the various commands, though apt-get, su, yum commands can not be used, however, other actions can show its mettle.
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