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  To access an Oracle database using Instant Client
  Add Date : 2017-01-08      
  Operating System: Win8.1 Enterprise

Oracle Development Tools: PL / SQL Developer (MBCS)


Download InstantClient

Oracle's official website http://www.oracle.com/cn/downloads/index.html navigation in Downloads There Oracle Instant Client download.

Download compressed package extract to a directory, extract the article in C: \ Oracle directory.

Create tnsnames.ora File

Created in the previous step in the C: \ Oracle directory created tnsnames.ora file:

orcl =
    (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP) (HOST = (PORT = 1521))
    (SERVICE_NAME = orcl)

Configuration environment variable

Environment variable name Value Purpose
TNS_ADMIN C: \ Oracle Oracle database to tell the location of the tnsnames.ora connection drive
NLS_LANG SIMPLIFIED CHINESE_CHINA.ZHS16GBK database according to their actual configuration

TNS_ADMIN NLS_LANG environment variables and registry configuration can be used instead of months to see the official FAQ.

Path environment variable

In order for the program to automatically find these InstantClient library file, it is recommended to InstantClient directory (this article is C: \ Oracle) was added to the system Path environment variable. If you need to use ODP.NET and is not hosted version (ODP.NET Managed Driver without installing any Oracle client), it is necessary to do so. Another point to best use ODP.NET download Oracle Data Access Components (ODAC), which contains InstantClient and ODP.NET, which can ensure their maximum extent compatible version.

Configuring PL / SQL Developer

Tools-> Preferences-> Oracle-> Connection:

Oracle Home = C: \ Oracle

OCI Library = C: \ Oracle \ oci.dll

If you add InstantClient directory in the system Path environment variable, then this step is not necessary, PL / SQL will automatically load oci according to environment variables.

Try to connect

Configured, using a database account password test the connection.
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