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  TOAD connect DB2 error SQL1460N solve
  Add Date : 2017-01-08      
  These days to test different versions of DB2 in between, before installing the DB2 V9.7.4 64bit, test after installation and then uninstall DB2 V9.7.6, create a database with toad connection error message SQL1406N.

     Encounter this problem, I first check whether their DB2COMM = TCPIP settings, view the results

   C: \> db2set -all | grep DB2COMM

   no problem

   Then is the view SVECNAME parameters dbm

   C: \> db2 get dbm cfg | grep SVC
  TCP / IP service name (SVCENAME) = db2c_DB2
  SSL service name (SSL_SVCENAME) =

  No problem

   View etc / services file found

   db2c_DB2 50001 / tcp - how to become 50001

   I have been set up in the toad is 50000. default.

   Modification 50000

   Restart DB, TOAD connection is normal.
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