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  Use MongoDB C # MongoDB official driving operation
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Want to use MongoDB in C #, you must first have a MongoDB supports C # version of the driver. C # version of the driver there are many, such as provided by the official, samus. Realization of ideas most similar. Here we will start with the official mongo-csharp-driver, the current version is

download link:


Get two dll after compiling

 MongoDB.Driver.dll: As the name suggests, the driver

 MongoDB.Bson.dll: serialization, Json related

 Then reference these two dll in our program.

 The following section briefly demonstrates how to use C # for MongoDB CRUD operations.


using System;
using MongoDB.Driver;
using MongoDB.Bson;

namespace ConsoleApplication1
    class Program
        static void Main (string [] args)
            // Database connection string
            string conn = "mongodb: // 27017";
            // Database name
            string database = "RsdfDb";
            string collection = "Act_User";

            MongoServer mongodb = MongoServer.Create (conn); // connect to the database
            MongoDatabase mongoDataBase = mongodb.GetDatabase (database); // Select the database name
            MongoCollection mongoCollection = mongoDataBase.GetCollection (collection); // select the collection, the equivalent of table
            mongodb.Connect ();

            // Insert common
            var o = new {UserID = 0, UserName = "admin", Password = "1"};
            mongoCollection.Insert (o);

            // Insert objects
            User user = new User {UserID = 1, UserName = "chenqp", Password = "1"};
            mongoCollection.Insert (user);

            // BsonDocument insert
            BsonDocument bd = new BsonDocument ();
            bd.Add ( "UserID", 2);
            bd.Add ( "UserName", "yangh");
            bd.Add ( "Password", "1");
            mongoCollection.Insert (bd);

            Console.ReadLine ();



using MongoDB.Bson;

namespace ConsoleApplication1
    class User
        // _ Id attribute must be, otherwise the update data being given: "Element '_id' does not match any field or property of class".
        public ObjectId _id; //BsonType.ObjectId this corresponds MongoDB.Bson.ObjectId
        public int UserID {get; set;}
        public string UserName {get; set;}
        public string Password {get; set;}
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