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  WebLogic 12c Configuration Node Manager Managed Server
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  This document is based on the official Oracle documentation Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: Configuring and Using Node Manager, after practice on this basis, after finishing obtained. Configure and use node manager aims to provide guidance for the next weblogic12c.

As a ready environment

Server situation:

CPU name




 Installing the management server and a managed server


Install another one managed server

Cluster installation:

Weblogic service






Weblogic Cluster


The first Managed Server


Second Managed Server


weblogic computer configuration


Computer Name

Node Manager IP

Node Manager Port

Managed Server associated








Two node manager configuration

1 Check the existing configuration

Startup Manager 1.1 server

Login Management Console 1.2

Step 2 Configure the node manager

2.1 New directory < MIDDLEWARE_HOME> ms in the host / user_projects / nodemanager / Machine-0

Where < MIDDLEWARE_HOME> is / opt / Oracle / Middleware

2.2 copy the file < MIDDLEWARE_HOME> next to the newly created directory /wlserver_12.1/server/bin/startNodeManager.sh Machine-0

2.3 modify the file < MIDDLEWARE_HOME> /user_projects/nodemanager/Machine-0/startNodeManager.sh NODEMGR_HOME variable values:

Which NODEMGR_HOME to just the new directory.

2.4 directory < MIDDLEWARE_HOME> / user_projects / nodemanager / Machine-0 / under the new file nodemanager.properties, document reads as follows:


ListenAddress = ms
ListenPort = 5556
SecureListener = false

Wherein ListenAddress node manager on behalf of the host where the service, please try to use the domain name, you can use ip, please try not to use locahost, the specific reasons described later.

ListenPort the node manager listen port.


2.5 Create a directory on the host as1 < MIDDLEWARE_HOME> / user_projects / nodemanager / Machine-1, copy files startNodeManager.sh, New File nodemanager.properties, specific reference to the above description of the operation, configuration

3 Registering your computer to a domain


Log 3.1 ms, go to the directory < MIDDLEWARE_HOME> /wlserver_12.1/server/bin, Run


source setWLSEnv.sh
java weblogic.WLST


3.2 wlst command line, enter the command connection management server


connect ( 'weblogic', '12345678', 't3: // ms: 7001')


3.3 Run command register


nmEnroll ( '/ opt / Oracle / Middleware / user_projects / domains / base_domain /', '/ opt / Oracle / Middleware / user_projects / nodemanager / Machine-0')





(1) the domain associated with the computer Machine-0 and up Management Server resides, and download files from the management server and SerializedSystemIni.dat nm_password.properties

nm_password.properties: management server authority Node Manager managed server's user name and password (encrypted)

Reference path: /opt/Oracle/Middleware/user_projects/domains/base_domain/config/nodemanager/nm_password.properties

SerializedSystemIni.dat: key file

Reference path:

(2) update file nodemanager.domains, nodemanager.domains record Node Manager to manage the domain weblogic

Two parameters:

(1) param1: Path where the domain, for example: / opt / Oracle / Middleware / user_projects / domains / base_domain

(2) param2: Path Node Manager resides, for example: / opt / Oracle / Middleware / user_projects / nodemanager / Machine-0

3.4 using the exit (), exit wlst command line.

3.5 The same operation is performed again on the as1, attention nmEnroll parameters.

4 Start both Node Manager

Log 4.1 ms, < MIDDLEWARE_HOME> / user_projects / nodemanager / Machine-0 run the following command in the directory:


4.2 Logging as1,, < MIDDLEWARE_HOME> / user_projects / nodemanager / Machine-1 Run the following command in the directory:


5 start or stop the managed servers in weblogic administration console

5.1 Select the server to stop
5.2 Start \ Services Close

Select the service to start, click start or shutdown.

Three issues

Once you have configured node manager on the host and start as1 in the management console, start the Managed Server as2 failed. Check Machine-1 corresponding to the Node Manager running state is in a usable state; then check whether as1 above node manager can access the corresponding port, found on as1 using telnet 5557 order, necessarily unreasonable, it is a wonder, behind I think nodemanager.properties is configured through the ip monitor the server, when the configuration is localhost, try to change the ip, then use the telnet command to pass, replaced the domain name, there is no problem. Finally, the problem is also starting the server node manager no. As for why localhost does not work, I'm not too clear.

In summary, nodemanager encounter problems from two aspects:

1, in the management console check your member corresponding to the node manager available, there may not start node manager

2, in the case of the node manager to start, check the node manager can not properly provide services using the telnet command to test the node manager port accessible on other machines.
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