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  XtraBackup achieve non-stop use of master-slave synchronization service
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  MySQL master-slave synchronization principle:

MySQL master-slave synchronization is MySQL master-slave replication (Master-Slave Replication) based on the realization, by setting the Master MySQL's binlog (it is open), via an I / O threads from the upper Slave MySQL Master MySQL reads the binlog, and then transferred to the Slave MySQL relay logs and Slave MySQL SQL thread reads the relay log from the relay log, and then applied to the Slave MySQL database. This achieves synchronization from master data.

XtraBackup backup principle:

innobackupex in a background thread to keep track of InnoDB log files, and then copy the InnoDB data files. After data files are copied, the copy will be the end of the thread logs. So you get a copy of the data is not the same point in time and start the backup after transaction log. After completing the above steps, you can use InnoDB crash recovery code execution transaction log (redo log), in order to achieve data consistency.

Backup is divided into two processes:

backup, backup stage, tracking the transaction log file and copy the data (physical backup).
preparing, transaction log replay, so that all data in the same time points to a consistent state.
XtraBackup advantages:

You can complete the fast and reliable data backup (copy the data files and tracking transaction log)
Data backup is not interrupted during transaction processing (hot standby)
Saving disk space and network bandwidth
Automatic backup is complete identification
Due to faster recovery time and increase uptime

First.xtrabackup installation:

yum -y install perl perl-devel libaio libaio-devel perl-Time-HiRes perl-DBD-MySQL

rpm -ivh percona-xtrabackup-2.2.12-1.el6.x86_64.rpm

Software Download: https: //www.percona.com/software/mysql-database/percona-xtrabackup

Second check mysql version:

Make full use xtrabackup preparation and recovery, the best consistent Mysql version!

Check mysql version:

 / Webser / mysql55 / bin / mysql -V

/ Webser / mysql55 / bin / mysql Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.5.21, for Linux (x86_64) using readline 5.1

Third on the master server online backup database:

innobackupex --defaults-file = / webser / mysql55 / etc / my.cnf --user = root --password = xxxx / tmp / backup /

PS: / tmp / backup / backup directory;

Then the master on the way by scp

On a four .slave machine operator;

1) Close mysql service;

Then emptied mysql directory under the data file, such as native mysql data directory is: / webser / mysql55 / var /

2) began to recover data

Suppose backup file path: / webser / 2015-08-12_13-54-56

Redo log files:

innobackupex --defaults-file = / webser / mysql55 / etc / my.cnf --user = root --password = xxxx --apply-log / tmp / backup / 2015-08-12_13-49-32 /

Recover data files:

innobackupex --defaults-file = / webser / mysql55 / etc / my.cnf --user = root --password = xxxx --copy-back / tmp / backup / 2015-08-12_13-49-32 /

The above operation, be sure to order, reverse the order of operation will cause mysql server will not start!

3) modify the data directory permissions:

chown -R mysql: mysql / webser / mysql55 / var

4) safe way to start mysql, see if there is an exception;

/ Webser / mysql55 / bin / mysqld_safe --defaults-file = / webser / mysql55 / etc / my.cnf &

If no exception error, closed mysql

 / Webser / mysql55 / bin / mysqladmin -uroot -p shutdown

5) Check the position value binlog log files, master-slave synchronization:

cat / tmp / backup / 2015-08-12_13-49-32 / xtrabackup_binlog_info

wwwmaster.000458 1022022953

6) call the shots from related operations on the slave machine:


MASTER_HOST = '192.168.1.xxx',

MASTER_USER = 'rep',



MASTER_LOG_FILE = 'wwwmaster.000458',

MASTER_LOG_POS = 1022022953;

Start master-slave synchronization:

start slave;

View slave status:
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