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  10 really interesting Linux command
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  In the operation of the terminal is a very interesting thing. Today, we will have to give some fun to bring you laughter Linux command.

1. rev

Create a file, enter a few words inside documents, rev command will you write the inverted output to the console.

# Rev


2. fortune

This command is not installed by default, install it with apt-get command, fortune command will display some random sentences

crank @ crank-System: ~ $ sudoapt-get install fortune


_s Use fortune command options, he will limit the output length of a sentence.

# Fortune -s


3. yes

This command will stop the print string, until the user process to end this fall.

#yes unixmen


4. figlet

This command can be used apt-get install, after installation in / usr / share / figlet can see some ascii font files.

cd / usr / share / figlet
#figlet -f < font > < string >
#figlet -f big.flf unixmen


#figlet -f block.flf unixmen


Of course, you can also try other options.

5. asciiquarium

This command will put you into a terminal aquariums.

Downloads term animator:

#wget http://search.cpan.org/CPAN/authors/id/K/KB/KBAUCOM/Term-Animation-2.4.tar.gz
Installation and configuration of the package:

# Tar-zxvf Term-Animation-2.4.tar.gz
# CdTerm-Animation-2.4 /
# Perl Makefile.PL && make && maketest
#sudomake install
Then install the following package:

# Apt-get install libcurses-perl
Download and install asciiquarium:

#wget http://www.robobunny.com/projects/asciiquarium/asciiquarium.tar.gz
# Tar-zxvf asciiquarium.tar.gz
#cd asciiquarium_1.0 /
#cp asciiquarium / usr / local / bin /
Run the following command:

# / Usr / local / bin / asciiquarium

asciiquarium_1.1: perl_008

6. bb

# Apt-get install bb
# Bb
And see what output?


7. sl

Sometimes you may mistakenly hit into the ls sl, sl is actually a command, if you hit sl, you will see a moving locomotive

# Apt-get install sl
# Sl


8. cowsay

A very common command, it will use the ascii display you want to say.

apt-get install cowsay
# Cowsay < string >


Or, you can use other characters instead of the default role for this sentence, these roles are stored in / usr / share / cowsay / cows directory

# Cd / usr / share / cowsay / cows
cowsay -f ghostbusters.cow unixmen



# Cowsay -f bud-frogs.cow Rajneesh


9. toilet

You're not wrong, this is a command, he would string colored ascii strings to the terminal

# Apt-get install toilet
# Toilet --gay unixmen


toilet -F border -F gay unixmen


toilet -f mono12 -F metal unixmen


10. aafire

aafire make your terminal ignite.

# Apt-get install libaa-bin
# Aafire


So much, I wish you the Linux terminal fun! ! !
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