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  20 Top Linux commands
  Add Date : 2017-03-12      
  Based on the historical site ranking commandlinefu screened out of the top 20 highest number of votes in the Linux command line. See if you can skillfully use it?

1. To execute a command on the root account

sudo !!
2. Using Python to build a simple Web server

By http: // $ HOSTNAME: 8000 visit

python -m SimpleHTTPServer
3. Switch to the last visited directory

cd -
4. On a command foo replace bar, and execute

^ Foo ^ bar
5. traceroute + ping

mtr google.com
6. A quick call an editor to write a command

ctrl-x e
7. Run a command, but not saved in the command history

< Space> command
8. re-initialize the terminal

9. Calls up the parameter of the last command

'ALT +.' Or '< ESC>.'
10. In order to more clearly show the current system mounted file system

mount | column -t
11. Run in a given time

echo "ls -l" | at midnight
12. The inquiry by the DNS console Wikipedia

dig + short txt < keyword> .wp.dg.cx
13. From your local port 80 to port 2001 open tunnel

ssh -N -L2001: localhost: 80 somemachine
14. Quick Access ASCII table

man ascii
15. Get your external IP address

curl ifconfig.me
16. !! represents repeat the last command, with: gs / foo / bar replacement operations

!!: Gs / foo / bar
17. The output of your machine to the remote speaker microphone

dd if = / dev / dsp | ssh -c arcfour -C username @ host dd of = / dev / dsp
18. Mount a temporary memory partition

mount -t tmpfs tmpfs / mnt -o size = 1024m
19. SSH to mount the directory / file system

sshfs name @ server: / path / to / folder / path / to / mount / point
20. By curl update Twitter

curl -u user: pass-d status = "Tweeting from the shell" < a href="http://twitter.com/statuses/update.xml"> http://twitter.com/statuses/update.xml < / a>
via: http://code.csdn.net/news/2819566
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