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  256 with rich colors decorate your terminal
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  End is not just black and white, although the use of the terminal can improve efficiency, but this does not mean that we can only face the black-and-white interface. Maybe some applications at your terminal display part has been used 16 colors, but this is not enough inevitably feel fine today. In fact, a lot of terminals, such as xterm, urxvt, and Mac OSX in Iterm.app and so can support 256 colors, you can see a more delicate and elegant color performance at these terminals.

This involves the configuration of several important programs, for your reference. Note that not all of the terminals and command-line application support 256 colors.

Able to distinguish between different yellow, vim can make your look more beautiful. Click here to download the matching files, color files can be incorporated into your vim following configuration:

if $ TERM == "xterm" || $ TERM == "rxvt" || $ TERM == "xterm-256color" || $ TERM == "rxvt-unicode" || & term = ~ "builtin_gui" || $ TERM == "dumb"
set t_Co = 256
colorscheme calmar256-dark
colorscheme desert

In this color scheme, it can be introduced by the source to your .muttrc:

source ~ / .mutt / mutt_color_256
slrn supports 256 colors, but many elements does not support color-coded. Color write directly in the configuration file.

See git log output is not more softened? In this profile.

man / less
For Xterm / Urxvt, terminal change foreground / background / bold / underline / italics color display allows less better highlight effect. While less is used in the man page display, so you will find your man show more beautiful. In this profile.

In addition, you can add the -J option in your $ LESS environment variable, so that a content search, the results of the previous row will show a "*."

Window status bar

Many people like to display a status bar at the bottom of the terminal window, especially when using a window screen divided into several sub-window.
In this profile.

Ls color output can also be better. In this profile.


You can set the grep matches are displayed in green:

export GREP_COLOR = '01; 32 '# color grep matches green
aliasgrep = 'grep --color'
Do you also have some color schemes? Welcome to share.
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