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  To teach you how to safely send mail
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Email original intention was to facilitate the mutual exchange of scientists or professionals between. The first idea is only able to send messages to each other mutual trust between the two, so the beginning of the invention of e-mail security issues did not arouse attention. Unfortunately, this new form of communication became popular in spammers and hackers, in which case you want to redesign the system is already impossible. Because of its inherent security flaws by using additional security behavior modification and use of e-mail can be greatly enhanced security for e-mail.

1. Use first-class e-mail program

Despite all the e-mail program to send mail there is no difference in terms, but in terms of security performance is very different. A valid e-mail program should be able to filter spam in your inbox, while also providing basic scanning e-mail attachments.


G-mail is a good web-based e-mail program, a high level of security through its spam filtering function will ensure that your inbox free of junk mail of the disaster. But all virus scanning does not always satisfactory so actually, before you download the attachment, you would be best to use your personal virus scanner check.

Mozilla's Thunderbird is also a very good e-mail program. E-mail protocol used by Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook are the same, are POP (Post Office Protocol Post Office Protocol, is used to receive e-mail) or IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol, Internet Message Access Protocol).

2. Carefully handle e-mail attachments

When you download the attachment, your computer will assume that you know are doing the behavior. Therefore, your firewall will not go to check whether the security annex, then between your computer and accessories to protect the little cat is a simple sweep. Because of the annex setting the security level is too low, hackers use malicious attachments attack event also flattering. In fact, it was concluded that 90% of computer viruses is through this mode of transmission. In summary, when dealing with inbox email attachments, must be cautious.


Do not open attachments from strangers over the immediate well-known companies does not work, no matter how the message looks official or formal. Spammers make an email look legitimizing spared no effort and do well. So just before downloading mail scanning is not enough. Instead, you should strongly prohibit any attachments from strangers or companies directly related to the company's site to download the information you need.

If a friend's computer is infected, you will most likely also receive messages from them toxic. From this layer sense, even if it is an acquaintance sent me an attachment unreliable. If you do not want to use attachments before downloading attachments, you can call, use instant messaging software to confirm that they have sent you an attachment.

3. Do not click on random link in the email

Common phishing technique is seemingly normal attachment in e-mail containing a link, and then lead you to a malicious Web site. These e-mail messages will generally attract users to click on a link and then taking personal information to obtain the victim's financial information, or trick users subscribe to one they've never heard of a magazine or newspaper. Another variant is, after you click the link in your computer security virus directly, using technology called "push download." Whatever the threat posed is, one thing is for sure is hidden in the malicious e-mail link will lead to a huge PC security risks.


Do not click on the problem message. Some well-known companies will send you an email to inform you of a problem with the account, but will not be provided with a link may lose all of your information.

Even if you are in full compliance with these safety regulations, the consent of family members using e-mail account may also be accidentally click on malicious links. Therefore, the language you want to disable HTML mail in your e-mail so that the presence of a malicious link lost function, but also educate family members basic knowledge about e-mail security.

4. Set up mail filters

Some well-known Internet service providers have recently been committed to the development of new spam filtering mechanism so as to minimize the amount of spam. This can be reduced from the outside into your inbox spam, you can set up an internal network filtering mechanism recently. Although together can significantly reduce the number of your ISP spam filters and filter e-mail program, but only by the establishment of a filtering mechanism containing artificial factors in order to achieve seamless.


The first to use a valid e-mail application and the corresponding filters, Gmail allows users to design a series of e-mail address corresponding with the current e-mail alias, so you can e-mail will be sent based on different standards to different folder. If you have a news and information will be sold to name some spammers, you can directly Fengdiao this pseudonym, so you can stop the spam message.

If you can not set up an e-mail alias, you can also register for free e-mail account and then one of them as a dedicated communications account. If you do not want to use these accounts, you can use the same self-destruct like 10minutemail mail account to confirm your newsletter subscription or a service, so you will not be exposed to a real risk account.
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