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  Adjust the size of the hard disk VirtualBox
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  I use Virtual Box virtual machine installed Win7 under Mac. Because before I had installed Win7 32-bit version. Now, because of the machine's memory rose to 8G, 4G can draw support Win7 virtual machines. So re-installed Win7 64-bit version. When you create a virtual machine's hard drive, I chose the default Virtual Box capacity of 20G. I see the Virtual Box told that this is hard disk capacity can be dynamically adjusted, who knows this is actually misleading. Here the so-called dynamic adjustment does not exceed the value set, which is the upper limit I set 20G storage allocation. The so-called dynamic allocation of disk space is actually a saving practices. Meaning that when we create a virtual machine's hard disk, you can set large enough. As long as the hard disk does not run out, these spaces can be shared by the host. And Win7 64-bit version takes up hard disk space and far more than the 32-bit version. After installing the operating system, the rest of the space is not much. After installing SQL Server 2008, full installation to think about Visual Studio 2010, the space is not enough. I think the hard disk capacity can be dynamically adjusted, so when Visual Studio prompts space capacity is not enough, I still choose "Continue", the result before installation errors.

So, how to solve this problem? Re-install it? That is too sad reminder. Although what software is not installed, but to install the operating system and the database very time consuming. So, I try to adjust the Virtual Box hard disk size. But in Virtual Box management tools, there is no option to change the size of the hard to find. Through Google, I find the command line approach to modify the disk space, provided that the Virtual Box version must be 4.0 or above.

This command:

VBoxManage modifyhd uuid -resize 40960

40960 is what you want to adjust capacity here, that 40G. Command uuid may also be replaced with the file name vid. But unfortunately my file name contains spaces. Perhaps by double quotation marks or "/" can support spaces in the name, but I did not try, because the use of uuid is the better approach. As to enter the command line in Mac, you can directly enter in the Terminal. Because when you install the Virtual Box, VBoxManage will be added to the path, Terminal can be identified for the command.

To use uuid, you need to get uuid the current virtual machine. In the management tools are not available, so we should get through the command line:

VBoxManage list hdds

This command displays all the virtual hard disk. You can judge by Location you want to adjust the hard disk. Get uuid, you can adjust the size of hard drives through modifyhd. Note that before the adjustment hard disk, be sure to turn off the virtual machine.

Fill in mind: When I passed modifyhd command to adjust the disk space, file management tool to view the vid, the capacity does change, to achieve the desired results. So I think we can sit back and relax. What to know after you open the virtual machine under Virtual Box, see the C disk space is still 20G. It makes me can not help but grouchy. So I think what the setting may be in Virtual Box. But looked at all the Virtual Box menu management, we have not been able to find. I even Storage, remove references to the vid file, and reload, still no change. I try to restart Virtual Box, or restart the computer, or so. Does the problem here? It is puzzling, even going to delete the virtual machine, reinstall. But I think we still have to install the operating system and related software, shudder. So going to the next best thing, the increase in Virtual Box for which a disk. As a result, after the increase, start the virtual machine, and found no increase in the new disk in the computer. Suddenly I had an idea, think about whether computer management disk partition management problem then. Then, open the Win7 "Computer Management" in the "Disk Management" and found the newly added disk appears as unallocated, while the original disk capacity impressively as 40G, 20G which there has not been assigned. Then select the expansion disk, disk missing 20G is really looking back. Virtual Box hard resize finally succeed.

Thus, after the adoption of Virtual Box command to adjust the disk, you must remember expanding disk Win7 operating system. It's like your computer you add a new disk, the need to perform the same operation.
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