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  Adjustment expand VMDK format VirtualBox disk space
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  If the format of the virtual machine is VDI format, you can adjust the size of the disk through this article

But the landlord had in the creation of a virtual time machine, VMDK format is used, in order of compatibility with VMWare. At this time of hard disk space to expand a little trouble. According to the above article operation error

VBoxManage: error: Resize hard disk operation for this format is not implemented yet!

For the landlord this case, first VMDK format into VDI format, and then expand the hard disk space, mainly refer to the article: How to resize a VirtualBox vmdk file

Steps are summarized as follows, please note off the virtual machine and then perform the following actions (host machine is Ubuntu, please extrapolate other environments):

1. Run the following command into the vmdk vdi

VBoxManage clonehd "source.vmdk" "cloned.vdi" --format vdi

This process is based on the size of the hard disk, the time required is not the same

2. Find your virtual machine's hard disk, run

VBoxManage list hdds

Terminal prints out the following information

UUID: c88e1c81-4375-4cd6-8835-3cce0905620b
Parent UUID: base
State: created
Type: normal (base)
Location: / home / yourname / VirtualBox VMs / Win7 / Win7.vdi
Storage format: VDI
Capacity: 25600 MBytes

3. Expansion vdi hard disk size

VBoxManage modifyhd your uuid --resize 40960

Note that the last parameter is in units of M, for example, you want to 40G hard drive, then the 1024 M * 40 = 40960.

4. how to run the new VDI file conversion from a virtual machine in it? First to find the path vdi file, and then open virtualbox, the software system will be listed on the right information, opening the storage, the original point of the vmdk to delete and re-add it as a new generation of vdi file.

(Here is not a screenshot ...)

4. restart the virtual machine, computer message - "Management -" store - "disk management, should have been able to see the newly added partition is free partition, so their partitions like pulling in a virtual machine
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