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  ADSL router to defend their own network security methods
  Add Date : 2016-12-09      
  At present, more and more users use ADSL, ADSL users online due to the long time, fast, become the target of hackers. Now appeared on the Internet a variety of increasingly detailed "IP address of the database", to know the IP number of ADSL users is very easy to do. To how to defend their own network security? Take a look at the following methods.

First, the cancellation is hidden share

If you use Windows 2000 / XP system, right-click the C drive or other disk, select

"Sharing," you will be surprised to find that it has been set to "Share this folder" and in "Network Neighborhood" but can not see them, which is how it happened?

The original, in default, Windows 2000 / XP will open all the hidden partition share, select from the "Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Computer Management" window "System Tools / Shared Folders / Sharing", you can see on the hard disk the back of each partition names are added to a "$." But as long as type "computer name or IPC $", the system will ask the user name and password, unfortunately, most of the individual user system, Administrator's password is empty, an intruder can easily see the contents of C drive, which gives Network security has brought great risks.

How to remove the default share it? The method is very simple, open the registry editor, into the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetSevicesLanmanworkstationparameters", a new "AutoShareWKs" DWORD value named, and its value is set to "0", then restart the computer, so that share canceled.

Second, refuse to malicious code

One of the biggest threats to a malicious Web page has become broadband. Previously used Modem, open a Web page is slow because, before fully opening and closing as well as avoid the possibility of a malicious web page in the move. Now broadband speeds so fast, so it is easy to be malicious web attacks.

Malicious Web page because of the general joined with the preparation of the malicious code only destructive. The malicious code is the equivalent of small programs, simply open the web page will be run. So to avoid malicious Web page attacks as long as the prohibition run malicious code on it.

Run IE browser, click "Tools / Internet Options / Security / Custom Level" security level will be defined as "security level - high" on the "ActiveX controls and plug-ins" in paragraph 2 and 3 is set to "Disabled" other items set to "prompt", then click "OK." This setting, when you use IE to browse the web, you can effectively prevent malicious Web pages malicious code attacks.

Third, sealed hackers "back door"

As the saying goes, "no smoke without fire", since the hacker can enter, it means the system must exist for them to open a "back door", as long as the blocked the back door, so hackers have nowhere to start, then no worries!

1. delete unnecessary protocols

For the server and host, the general only install TCP / IP protocol is enough. Right click "Network Neighborhood" and select "Properties", then right click "local connection", select "Properties", uninstall unnecessary protocol. NETBIOS which is the root of many security flaws, for providing file and print sharing does not require the host, can also bind the NETBIOS TCP / IP protocol is turned off, to avoid attacks against the NETBIOS. Select "TCP / IP Protocol / Properties / Advanced" and enter "Advanced TCP / IP Settings" dialog box, select the "WINS" tab, check "Disable TCP / NETBIOS IP on" a close NETBIOS.

2. Off "File and Print Sharing"

File and Print Sharing should be a very useful feature, but do not need it, when is a good hacking vulnerabilities. So in no need to "File and Print Sharing" situation, we can turn it off. Right-click with the mouse "network neighbors", select "Properties", then click "File and Print Sharing" button, will pop up the "File and Print Sharing" dialog box in two hook can be removed.

Although the "File and Print Sharing" turned off, but it does not ensure safety, but also to modify the registry to prohibit it from changing the "File and Print Sharing." Open the Registry Editor, select the "HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionPoliciesNetWork" primary key, create a DWORD key value in the primary key, key named "NoFileSharingControl", key set to "1" indicates that prohibit this function to achieve the ban to change "document and print sharing "purposes; key to" 0 "to allow this feature. In this way, "Network Neighborhood" and "Properties" dialog box "File and Print Sharing" ceased to exist.

3. The Guest account disabled

There are many invasions were further obtained an administrator password or permission by this account. If you do not want to put your computer to others as toys, that is a good ban. Open the Control Panel, double-click "Users and Passwords", click "Advanced" tab, then click the "Advanced" button, pop-up Local Users and Groups window. Guest account in the top right-click, select Properties, select the "Account is disabled" in the "General" page. In addition, the Administrator account was renamed to prevent hackers know the administrator account, which will ensure computer security to a large extent.

4. prohibit the establishment of air link

In case of default, any user can connect to the server through the air connection, enumerate account and guess your password. Therefore, we must prohibit the establishment of air link. There are two ways:

One method to modify the registry: Open the Registry "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESystemCurrentControlSetControlLSA", the DWORD value "RestrictAnonymous" The key to "1".

Finally, we recommend to their systems patched Microsoft patch those endless or very useful!
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