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  After Pydev installation, Eclipse does not display solutions
  Add Date : 2017-01-20      

Eclipse Version: Luna Service Release 1 (4.4.1)

Windows System: Windows 7

Python Version: Python 2.7.4

JDK Version: JDK 1.6



Referring to the article after installation installation Pydev, found Window-> Preferences does not show Pydev.

deal with

Google search for the next discovery because after PyDev3.0 need Java7, and my JDK 1.6, it can not be installed.

Processing scheme is to use PyDev2.x to replace or upgrade the JDK. Specific three methods:

1. Upgrade to JDK version 1.7 and above

2. Download and install offline PyDev2.x

3. Installation, first remove the diagram below hook, because it will only display the latest version, and then select any PyDev2.x version installed.

Show only the latest versions of available software

After Pydev will be displayed correctly in Eclipse!
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